3 Simple Tips to Help You Stop Smoking

Recent statistics have shown that approximately ten million adults in Great Britain are smokers. Of these ten million adults, two-thirds of them have admitted to smoking before the age of 18.

So if you want to quit the smoking habit, it’s better to quit while you’re young. With all the pressure from your friends, upholding a certain rebellious image, and smoking to fit in with the “cool group” – it can be difficult to kick smoking to the curb.

You probably already know the drawbacks of smoking, right? During your teenage years, your body is undergoing a huge process – and smoking only slows down and hinders your body’s growth and development. There’s also the disadvantages of increased chance of getting cancer, stained teeth, and also the effect that it has on your pocket money.

With that being said, here are 3 simple tips that you can use to help you kick smoking to the curb – for good!

  1. Surround Yourself with Those Who Encourage You to Quit. This includes hanging around the right people and environments. Surrounding yourself with friends who’re going to encourage you to stop smoking makes it a lot easier to quit the habit.
  2. Replacing the negative habit with a positive one. It’s important that when you cut out that habit of smoking, you replace it with something more beneficial to your body like going for a walk or doing a set of pushups.
  3. Stop Hanging Out with Friends Who Encourage Smoking. It takes a lot of will power to cut off certain people in your life. However, if there are friends that encourage you to smoke because it’s “hip and cool”, you need to be willing to cut these friends out of your life as they’re only adding to the problem.

So the next time you’re with your friends and they offer you a smoke, remember the long-term effects that smoking has on your body, and the advantages that come from being a non-smoker.

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