6 Reasons Why Teens Should Avoid Alcohol

Unless you’re 18, drinking alcohol without the supervision of an adult is illegal. The threat of punishment has, however, not deterred many young people from indulging in alcohol consumption. Unfortunately, it’s common news these days to hear about teenagers drinking alcohol in large quantities (also known as binge drinking) at parties.

Alcohol consumption poses a serious threat to the physical and mental wellbeing of every human being, adults and teenagers alike.  With teens, however, the effects of alcohol become even more harmful since their growing bodies react more adversely, which poses a much greater risk of physical and emotional impairment.

Here are 6 very real reasons why teenagers should avoid alcohol…

  1. Alcohol is one of the leading causes of death among young people. It dulls the senses and creates feeling of false invincibility. This combination has led to a lot of car accidents, homicides and suicides amongst teenagers.
  2. Drinking before you’re of legal age is illegal. You can be cited by the police and arrested for it.  This can impact scholarships for college, as well as eligibility to participate in athletics and extra-curricular activities.
  3. As a teen, your body and brain are still developing. Alcohol use can disrupt your body’s natural growth patterns and negatively affect your physical and mental development.
  4. Alcohol consumption can negatively affect your performance in school, as it is near impossible to study when you’re drunk or suffering from a hangover.
  5. Alcohol consumption at such a young age will likely increase your chances of becoming addicted to alcohol later in your life.
  6. Alcohol use increases your chances of being raped, assaulted, or robbed. Due to the impairment of judgment brought about by alcohol abuse, you’re more likely to put yourself in risky situations or agree to agree to go along with dangerous suggestions.

The negative effects of alcohol consumption far outweigh any joy you may derive from its consumption. As a teen, you should stay away from alcohol and wait until you’re both old enough to consume it and mature enough to understand the consequences.

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